The 2018 Pyeongchang Games mark an important event in mainland Asia’s history. It will be the very first time the Olympics will be held solely in continental Asia. Pyeongchang was able to win its bid to host the 2018 Winter Olympics after two previous failed attempts. It ultimately beat out competition from Munich, Germany and Annecy, France for the rights to host the XIII Olympic Games. West Palm Jets charters planes to Yangyang and can additionally arrange ground transportation to and from Pyeongchang during the games for your personal enjoyment.

In addition to transportation, we here at can also plan your stay. The majority of games will be situated at the prestigious Alpensia Resort in Daegwallyeong-myeon. This diamond of a resort has a number of luxurious accommodations surrounding for those arriving via chartered jets. Some of these high-end residences include:

Intercontinental Alpensia Pyeongchang Resort –

The Intercontinental Alpensia offers high-class restaurants as well as one of the premier accommodations in the area. This resort is considered as one of the tops in the area, boasting some of the best rooms around.

Holiday Inn Resort –

This family-friendly hotel still maintains a high level of luxury while displaying a slightly different set of amenities. Featuring a year-round indoor waterpark, the Holiday Inn Resort is perfect for children and families alike looking to enjoy themselves outside of the Games.

Simscabin Winter House –

These loft-style cabins give a homely feel and are equipped with modern amenities. Additionally, Simscabin Winter House is ideally located. It is only a five-minute ride from the Winter Games, leaving you close to the middle of all the action. After spending the day witnessing history you’ll enjoy the feeling of relaxation in your warm home.

Getting There

Incheon International Airport (RKSI) in Seoul is the main international gateway for the country, and most visitors to the Olympics will enter South Korea here. However, for passengers on charter planes to the Winter Games, Yangyang (RKNY) is the closest international airport to Pyeongyang County. It only handles a handful of flights presently, but it is expected to increase significantly as the Olympic event approaches.

Visitors on chartered planes are advised to fly to Yangyang (RKNY), which is the closest international airport to Pyeongyang. Although at the moment it only receives a few flights a day, during and prior to the Games one can expect a sharp increase in flight activity. Incheon International Airport (RKSI) is the primary port of destination for visitors of South Korea. The majority of tourists going to watch the Olympics will come via RKSI, seeing as it is South Korea’s largest airport.

Booking charter planes to the Winter Games in Pyeongchang is easy when you do it with West Palm Jets. Call our experienced agents to begin planning your itinerary—1-561-228-4924  (toll-free) or request a quote online


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