Are you looking for the best compact Vaping Kit to have a stylish look? IJOY CAPO 100W is one of the most preferred compact and powerful devices that is paired with new 21700 battery line. IJOY CAPO 100W Kit is packed with the Captain mini sub-ohm tank, USB cable, pare coil head as well as the complete bag of accessories. Of course, warranty card is included with the IJOY CAPO 100W Kit. iJoy bends the rules with creating the box mod designs and it is primarily operated with IJOY 21700 Battery for attaining the long-lasting benefits. Apart from the regular cigarettes that are filled with the higher level of Nicotine, eCig becomes the most admirable and highly recommended by many people. Since the vape juice has the lower level of Nicotine level; it is highly beneficial for health. Of course, the eCig can be used anywhere and get an admirable look with using the product.

Captain Mini Subohm Tank:

iJoy continues the trend with the recent addition of CAPO 100W Box Mod Kit and it is highly acclaimed by many people across the world in the high advance way. iJoy CAPO 100W Box Mod Kit is equipped with the bigger sized size fire button that is quite enjoyable for everyone to smoke in the much absolute way. IJOY 21700/18650 Batteries are included in the IJOY CAPO 100 Box mod so it can be easily fired 100W high. In fact, using the ijoy capo 100w kit Box mod easily continues with a better GUI displaying wattage resistance, easer to know battery level and puff counter. Ni mode setting is also included in the device for getting completely comfortable experience to the maximum. Battery slot will be located at the top front and it would give a whole new look in the world of ecig. IJOY CAPO 100 Box mod brings you convenient option to easily personalize all styles and preference.



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